Lordship Point Skeet Range

Soil and Sediment Remediation at former Lordship Point Skeet Shooting Range

ART Engineering, LLC

Bend Trap Club Skeet Range




ART was subcontracted to provide a processing plant for a lead remediation project involving the separation and removal of lead shot and trap/skeet target fragments from over 40,000 cubic yards of sediment and soil at the former Remington Arms Gun Club located at Lordship Point in Stratford, Connecticut.  The site borders Long Island Sound, and was formerly a trap and skeet shooting range where lead shot was directed over the Sound. As a result of those activities, the lead shot and target fragments have been deposited in the sediment and intertidal zone surrounding the property. The target fragments contained carcinogenic Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) which also needed to be separated from the soil in the treatment process.


Remediation of the property and adjacent Sound areas was conducted using standard dredging and excavation procedures, with the dredged and excavated sediment being processed through a plant to separate the lead shot and target fragments


Plant Overview Equipment Assembly

 Separation of Shells and Target Fragments

Lead Separation (Jig)

Lead Shot Concentrate

Dewatering of Clean Sediments

ARTís responsibilities also include process plant fabrication, mobilization of the process plant to the site, plant validation test, operation of the plant and dismantling and removal from the site. Treated soil and sediment were dewatered in large dewatering basins. Recovered lead shot was upgraded to 90% by weight lead, containerized and transported to an approved off-site facility for recycling.  Target fragments were disposed at a solid waste landfill.  Upon completion of remediation activities, the process plant was demobilized and removed from the site.  All land-based disturbed areas were restored to original conditions according to the Site Restoration Plan.