Expert & Litigation Support Services

ART provides expert services for a wide range of environmental remediation and materials processing/recycling projects. ART was able to point out project design errors and omissions by responsible contractor/engineers leading to settlements of more than $ 10 Million in favor of ART’s clients. ART has access to a broad network of experienced professionals in various disciplines through its teaming partners.

PCB Soil Remediation, Port Heiden, Alaska (2013-2014)

ART provided consulting services and litigation support for a failed PCB remediation project in Port Heiden, Alaska. Through detailed analysis of project design documents and field operations reports, ART was able to identify various project flaws in the technical design and operations of the soil treatment system. The case resulted in a favorable settlement for ART's client.

Personal Injury, New York (2003)

ART was retained as expert in forensic investigation into a personal injury accident involving a crusher accident in which a worker sustained massive injury resulting in permanent disability.

Buckeye Oil Field, Michigan (1999)

ART provided consulting services for Harding Lawson and Associates (HLA) of Michigan, Inc. to evaluate the failure of a full-scale ex-situ remediation system at the Buckeye Oil Field Project, Michigan. This case resulted in settlement between parties.

Conor Pacific, Edmonton, Canada (1998)

ART provided litigation support services for Conor Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. (Conor Pacific) related to a failed soil feeding and separation system designed by Lyntek of Denver, Co. The soil feeding and separation system was an essential component to feed a $5M dollar wet-oxidation plant owned and operated by Conor Pacific. The failure of the soil feeding and separation system resulted in project delays in excess of two years and near bankruptcy of Conor Pacific. ART was able to point out design flaws and pointed to sub-standard engineering, design and equipment installation. As a result, ART's client won the arbitration.

Gould Battery Superfund Site, Portland, Oregon (1996 – 1997)

ART provided consulting services and litigation support for a failed remediation project of the Gould Battery Superfund Site project in Portland, Oregon. ART was hired by the Gould Superfund Site PRP group. ART evaluated project design and operations. ART's responsibilities included review and analysis of technical design and design basis for a lead recycling/soil separation system, including water treatment circuits, and provided assistance in the development of litigation strategies. ART was able to identify point out design flaws and omissions leading to project failure.  ART's client won the arbitration resulting in a $6 M settlement.