Testing Services

  • Soil Washing
  • Physical Separation
  • Bioremediation
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Thermal Desorption
  • Chemical Soil Oxidation (Ex-Situ)
  • Hydrocarbon Recovery
  • Oil Sand / Tar Sand Processing
  • Process Recycle Water Treatment
  • Specialty Process Testing

Treatability Testing 

The feasibility of a proposed treatment process is normally verified through means of a laboratory bench-scale treatability study. ART Engineering has performed numerous technology evaluation, feasibility and treatability studies. The main objective of the treatability testing is to determine the technical and economical feasibility of the project, initial process design, and to determine plant capital and process operation cost estimates. Sometimes, performance of pilot study will be necessary after completion of the treatability testing to confirm effectiveness of the process or determine scale-up factors.

The treatability study typically involves following elements:

  • Collection of representative samples
  • Soil/Waste Characterization; Including Chemical, Physical and Particle Size Distribution Analysis
  • Treatability Testing in the Laboratory
  • Preparation of a concept flowsheet (initial process design)
  • Preparation of budget cost estimate for implementation of the project

Pilot Testing

In some cases performance of additional Pilot Testing or Process Optimization Testing is required to confirm effectiveness of the proposed process or to determine scale-up factors. The level of effort and scale of pilot study is project specific.

Uranium Removal via Ion Exchange Pilot
                            Testing Soil Treatment Pilot Testing

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 Pilot Plant Operations


Treatability Study & Pilot Testing Experience



Technology Description


TNT Site Hercules

Soil Washing/Physical Separation, Chemical Oxidation of TNT, DNT from Soil

TNT (TriNitrotoluene) DNT (DiNitrotoluene)

Oil Sand Confidential Hydrocarbon Recovery from Oil Sand

Hydrocarbon (Crude)

Troy Chemical Troy Chemical Company Chemical Oxidation and Stabilization of Hazardous Waste Sediment

Tetrachloroene (PCE), Trichloroethene  (TCE), Trichloroethane (TCA), PCB, Mercury, Lead

Roche Nutley Site Roche Group Soil Washing

Arsenic, Lead, PAH

Bahrain Confidential Soil Washing, Thermal Desorption

Heavy Hydrocarbon

Bend Trap Club, OR Pennbrook Homes/Abito Lead Shot & PAH Separation from impacted soil

Lead and PAH

Yongsan, Korea Confidential Soil Washing, Physical Separation

Lead, Copper, Nickel, TPH, PAH

LEZO, Spain AG Ambiental Soil Washing


ECO-RS, France ECO-RS Soil, Sludge Treatment, Hydrocarbon Recovery


LCP Bridge Street Site, NY Honeywell Physical Separation & Soil Washing of Mercury from Soil

Mercury (metallic)

Vineland Chemical Company Superfund Site, NJ US Army Corps of Engineers / Sevenson  Environmental Services Soil Washing and Chemical Extraction of Arsenic from Soil and Sediment


McClellan Air Force Base, CA URS Corporation Soil Washing

SVOC and metals

San Francisco Bay, CA URS Corporation Physical separation of Lead shot from Skeet Range Sediment


Sao Paulo, Brazil Rhodia Company Soil Washing

Hexachlorobenzene, Organochlorinated Residues (SVOC)

GE Nuclear Energy, NC Nuclear Fuel Services Soil Washing, Sediment Separation

Uranium contaminated calcium fluoride

ERIKA, France ECO-RS (France) Sand Washing, Hydrocarbon Recovery

Crude Oil

ECO-RS, Marseille, France ECO-RS (France) Sludge Processing,  Hydrocarbon Recovery


Domtar Site, Alberta, Canada Conor Pacific Environmental Services Soil slurry preparation, PAH Separation

Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Springfield Township Superfund Site, MI ARCADIS Geraghty & Miller for DaimlerChrysler Corporation Soil Washing

PCBs, Arsenic, Lead, Barium

Maywood, NJ FUSRAP Site, NJ Envirocare of Utah for Bechtel National, Inc. Soil Washing

Radium, thorium

U.S. DOE Site RMI, Ashtabula, OH Parson’s Engineering/RMI Titanium Soil Chemical Extraction Wastewater Treatment, Dewatering


Lordship Point, Stratford, CT Dupont/Remington Arms Lead Separation from Soil and Sediment at Skeet Range


Opa-Locka Airport, FL Resource Reclamation, Inc. Soil Chemical Oxidation

Petroleum Hydrocarbon

The Monsanto Site, MA The Monsanto Company Soil Washing

Phtalates, PAH, PAPR, BEHP, Phthalate

The Hanford Site, WA U.S. Department of Energy/Westinghouse Hanford Company Soil Washing & Physical Separation

Uranium, metals

Montreal Fixed-Site, Quebec, Canada City of Montreal Soil Washing & Physical Separation

Heavy metals

Tokyo, Japan Confidential (Japan) Soil Washing

Mercury, Heavy metals

Camp Pendleton, CA  IT Corporation Soil Washing

Arsenic, pesticides, heavy metals, TPHs, PNAs, PCBs

U.S. Air Force, Cape Canaveral, FL O’Brien & Gere Engineers, Inc.

Soil Washing


The King of Prussia Superfund Site, NJ The King of Prussia Technical Corporation Cooperating Group

Soil Washing

Chromium, Heavy metals, VOC's

Marion Pressure Treating Company, LA Ecology & Environment, Inc. Soil Washing

PAHs, Creosote

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD Argonne National Labs, IL Soil Washing/ Soil Separation

Lead, zinc, copper, arsenic

ICI Dulux, Australia Dulux, Australia Soil Washing


New Jersey Transit, NJ Carlin Construction Co.,/TAP Electrical Contracting Services, Inc., J.V. Soil Washing


Calgon Plant, NJ Merck & Co. Soil Washing

Mercury, lead, copper, zinc, arsenic, PCB, PAH

Florida Steel, FL Florida Steel Soil Washing/Physical Separation

Cadmium, lead

Sandia National Laboratories, NM RMI Environmental Services, Inc. Soil Chemical Extraction


Atlantic Steel Atlantic Steel Soil Washing/Physical Separation

Pb, Zn, Cd