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Oil Sand (Tar Sand) Processing

Technology Background

Oil Sand Hydrocarbon Recovery through FlotationTwo types of processes are available: water based "wet" washing and solvent extraction. The type of washing/ extraction process depends the nature of the oils sand, hydrocarbon content and "wettability". If the oil sand is "oil wet", this wettability needs to be reversed through use of soil washing agents (additives) to release of the hydrocarbon for recovery. When the oil is "entrained" within a cemented sandstone, liberation of the oil is required through grinding of the material before processing followed by hydrocarbon recovery via centrifuging or froth flotation.

As each project is unique, ART can provide testing of different oil recovery methods, provide economic assessment, as well as provide the engineering and design of a processing system.


Kuwait Oil Sand Before Treatment

Kuwait Oil Sand after Washing

Kuwait Oil Sand

Kuwait Oil Sand after Washing